22 January 2014

Add a Gadget Blogger for Google Plus

Seriously, adding a gadget should be easy, and in most cases it is until the add  g+ gadget.
The pop up displays with the box for your information, the http:// box. There is in blue a note where to find your Google+ ID. Click on that brings you to a page full of information with graphics and code boxes where you must read all that stuff in order to figure out where what you click on to find really is.
Frustrated, I copy and pasted a few codes and none worked...error message in red it doesn't look like the g+ id.
I'm not a code wiz computer geek person. I do know enough to expect when you click on something that clearly states to click here to find what you need, then that code should be there right out in the open easy get with minimal time invested reading instructions. I sent in feedback for the page thinking somebody is going to read it and wonder why because all the information is there. The info may be there, but dressed in text camoflauge isn't friendly to this person. Thinking its easier to go into setting to find my g+ id, I make another mistake. And that brings me to think adding a g+ gadget isn't a good idea.


  1. Hi Maywyn,
    I just wanted to come by and thank you for your sweet comment and prayers. Thank you so very much. Hugs, Susie

    1. Hi Susie,
      Thank you for stopping by. I always look foreward to reading your blog.


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