02 December 2013

Reflection Monday ~ 1st Monday of December

Happy December!

The first Monday of November I posted about each first Monday of the month being Ease Up Day. Since then research tells me there is a band called, Ease Up. Therefore, I changed the name to
Reflection Monday.

Reflection Monday is the name change from Ease Up, Easing Up Monday.

~ I had sweet potato pie, a banana, and cup of tea for breakfast.

~ For fun today  I'll be researching online Lowes and Home Depot for materials to finish the design. I'm undecided on Steampunk,Cottage or Cabin. Right now, it looks cabin. The amazing part about this project is the amount of material I've tossed. The total is two bags with two more to go. I don't count the many staples.
Update: Cottage/cabin style
Metal isn't budget or comfort friendly.


  1. looking forwards to see what direction you take.. may learn a few things

    1. Hi Hena!
      I've already learned more from your house renovation than I've learned about sofa construction. lol

  2. I have never had sweet potato pie. I can't even imagine it. I only ever eat it as a veggie (like a baked potato) or in soup. I am thinking it must be very starchy. Or like pumpkin pie.

    Oh well, as you can tell, I will be trying to imagine it now till I find a recipe :)

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Sweet potato pie is milder than pumpkin with a nice subtle squash flavor, and easier to digest.

  3. that pie sounds delicious! good luck with your design- can't wait to see how it turns out.

    1. Hello Erika and welcome
      The board order should arrive next week. I'm surprised how easy it is to order from Home Depot online.


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