08 November 2013

Small Salad in a Jar

Using a hand vegetable chopper by Oxo, I made a small salad in a jar for a quick don't-eat-sweets snack. With ingredients gathered, it took me about a half hour to make the salad in a jar from washing to peeling to chopping to mixing and in the jar.

Caution Sharp Blade....Don't clean off the bottom with your hand because the blade can stick out from the plastic.
The Oxo hand chopper if perfect for a dicing on a small scale. The container comes with a container lid and spoon. Washing is an easy take apart and wash.

Salad Greens Before

Salad Greens After

The more you press down the rotating blade, the smaller the diced size. It does make noise even with a towel under it to muffle the sound. Pressing down to dice isn't difficult. Over loading the container will cause the blade to jam up, but with a jiggle it will work again.

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  1. Dear Maywyn - what a clever device...I so enjoy my salads in small pieces. Thanks for sharing this tool...may have to see if I can find one in my neck of the woods (of course there is always Amazon.com :)!) Have a delightful week-end.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      A great week-end to you
      I wanted a small one that's easy to use and clean, and found this one on Ebay. There's a Zyliss hand chopper that I was also looking at.

  2. I too like smaller chunks they somehow don't seem so healthy! ha ha.. but it's so clever to make them for a snack.. I'll try that. I need to get back to dieting but I hate it! love,Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      I also put the diced walnuts on cereal, especially nice in oatmeal. The diced size is very small, enough to not be a choking hazard. I do have to watch to make sure no big pieces are left. If they are, then chop more to make them all small.


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