25 November 2013

National Parfait Day

Today's unusual holiday is National Parfait Day

A favorite parfait of mine I  created in at Brighams's Ice Cream  in the late 1960s is listed below. Sadly, the Brigham's restaurants closed in 2009,but they still make ice cream.

In order of adding to the parfait glass:
Hot chocolate
Coffee ice cream
Black raspberry ice cream
Pistachio ice cream
Real whip cream

Unbelievable, I have no photographs of ice cream to post. Where have I been!?
Also, note in the Wikipedia article under: Jimmies. Yes, those little candy things a lot of people call sprinkles are Jimmies, named after the man, Jimmy, who worked on the machine. However, Snopes has an article about the origins of the Jimmies' name. And all I wanted to do is post about parfaits.

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. Maywyn - your parfait sounds delicious. Too bad I don't have any of those things on hand...may have to make a run to the store (LOL)!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Prayers you and yours are warm and safe. The news is talking so much about the snow storm its scary, and creates stress.
      Have fun at the store. Remember extra batteries.

  2. yum.. i usually don't have parfait's because they have yogurt in them and yogurt and I do not get along.. but this one I can totally see myself digging into.

    1. Hello Hena,
      You can also make parfaits with cake and ice cream. Also, veggie parfaits can be fun as well.


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