04 November 2013

First Monday of November: The First Ease Up Day

Aside from today being King Tut Day, there should be a special something for the first Monday of each month. Years ago I heard that Monday is the stressful day of the week. Thanks to the Internet, an online search shows up Tuesday as the most stressful, (mostly in the UK). I'm staying with Monday based on experience, and the comparison to the high stress of a first day back from vacation.

Oak trees are usually the last to change color in the fall, and the last to drop their leaves.  The oaks on Main Street in the photo are outrageously colorful this year.

Back to what a first Monday of a month should be I name—Ease Up Day—a time to form doable goals for the month through joyful daydreaming. Celebrate with gluten free cupcakes!

What do you think? Is that doable? I didn't find on the Internet a day called that already.

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