18 November 2013

Blue Jay in a Maple Tree

A group of Blue jays are making so much noise squawking about who knows what as they fly back and forth in a maple tree, I have to stop to take pictures. I think because they are looking away from the camera most of the time, there might be a bird feeder in the back of the house below. Only one bird is caught on film because others flew away too quickly.

Note, taking photos looking up after a while can throw one off balance while zooming here and there trying to get the best shot.

Update 19 November 2013

 Yesterday a hawk is on the ground not far from the maple tree where I heard the blue jays making a racket (lots of noise).  Alas, the white trail above the tree shadow going uphill are bird feathers. The hawk flew away with a skeletal carcass in his talons. I hid behind a tree to take a closer photo before the diner took flight. The cycle of life goes on.


  1. we're been spotting blue jays too..

    1. Hi Hena,
      This year the blue jays seem to be staying close to the city core.Maybe because its warmer there or bird feeders. :)

  2. Dear Maywyn - I think you did a great job. Birds are so hard to capture because they fly so quickly away. Hope you stayed safe during the bad storms. Take care and have a great week.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I hope you and yours were safe there.
    I slept through it when the storms came through Vermont.


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