07 October 2013

Out and About in the Autumn

The first picture I have yet to figure out if it is south of Snake Mountain or looking north west to the Adirondacks. I'm leaning towards the Adirondacks.

 The second photograph is at the base just south of Snake Mountain. I wanted to have close ups of the area for painting purposes. Unfortunately, I left out the middle zoom that helps identify the exact location. A little notebook necklace in the future is a must to jot down notes. (Color saturation is enhanced.)

Driving south along Route 22, the view shows the Champlain Valley so clearly its amazing. The mountains in the distance are the Adirondacks.

Driving west on Route 17 in Addison, Vermont to the Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge visitor's area. Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge visitor's area is about mid photo on the left about where the road's view ends.

Roadside color this year is as spectacular as any grove of bright maple trees. The sumac tree gradation from green to red to orange and yellow with the purple asters mixed among wild plants is a cornucopia of color.

It isn't easy to get a photo of roadside. Its a click and hope situation unless there's a safe area to pull over off the road. There was no traffic near me that day, as you can see.  Even with the light traffic, the majority of photographs I pass on for safety reasons.


  1. Must be wonderful to see those fall colours, we don't really have much of the reds and oranges here in England although a few maples make a brave effort. However, for a couple of weeks of the year there is often a fabulous blaze of yellow and gold.

  2. Hello Jenny,
    I'm still thinking about your wonderful robin photo you posted on your blog recently.
    The bluebells carpeting the English woods are as mystically beautiful as the orange and red foliage here.

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  4. It's beautiful-and I know what you mean about getting photos safely. Sometimes I miss the best shots in my car...

    1. Ah, yes, Debra, missing pictures as we drive along the roads is a given. I try to make a note of places that I want to photograph. The problem this time of year is the foliage changes before I can return to take a picture.

  5. Dear Maywyn - so lovely - I have always wanted to be in New England when the colors change...maybe someday...please enjoy it for me...I too like to take pics from the car but you are right sometimes it just isn't safe. Have a lovely day.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Ohio's fall foliage is as beautiful as New England.
      I always felt a New England at home when I lived in OH.


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