25 October 2013

Learning: Albedo

The Definition of albedo is complicated. Through my brain the easiest way to explain—Think of the sun's radiation shinning on the Earth. The measure of how well the Earth reflects the radiation is albedo.
As you may be thinking by now, albedo is important to the climate/health of this planet. There is no white out to dab on Earth to slow down global warming. Earth is a living system with a gazillion elements that work together. Fixing one element isn't a matter of blotting out one letter or one word. Tamper with one, and you can mess up several others.
Does this mean all those mirror and glass sky scrapers are cooling the planet?
What about the deforestation of rain forests?
Loss of polar region's ice?
Increase of ocean's surface area?
To learn more check out:
Climate data
Earth's Polar Regions
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I first learned about albedo a planetary geology course.
One word can send one on a hunt that opens up a vast land of learning.


  1. Isn't the internet wonderful for building knowledge. What ever did we do before? I guess that is why we had encyclopedias!! Have a great day.


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