26 October 2013


    You think you've heard it all until the next food stuff thing comes along. Here's the story of the ill wind of gluttony being a good lesson for moderation:

    I was given a lovely gift of Glutino Breakfast bars as encouragement to commit to 100% being gluten free— consistently.  They are fantastic. I love them and will buy more. So, into the tea drawer they go. Now think of a candy bar ritual, eating away the chocolate first to leave the nougat for last or melting the coating before chomping on the M&M. Doesn't everyone have a special process for eating a favorite candy bar?

    Anyway, I became caught up in consuming the breakfast bars like candy. One thing led to another, and before I know it, like candy in my home, having one makes the others lonely. Have another thing. Apple. Blueberry. Apple.  Oh, blueberry, blueberry, apple. Yes, my bad. Later, and on through the hours into the night flatulence like post sigmoidoscopy you cannot hide or hold it all in Richter scale eight will I ever run out of gas! For a person who rarely has an issue with flatulence, more that day than in the last year.
Seriously need to understand what the cause might be.
     After some research, I learn inulin is an ingredient in the breakfast bars that may have the side effect of flatulence in some people. On the good side, inulin does have positives. According to the article on WebMD, inulin helps the body's bowel function and lessens the production of certain kinds of fats, such as triglycerides. 

  • Read Labels
  • Research online and your local library
  • Ask you doctor questions
  • Consider staying home alone after over eating food made with inulin


  1. heehee-didn't feel any earth quakes down here-guess you're normal!
    I've been gluten free for about 4 months. It's more than gluten I can't tolerate though-it's wheat flour period. Makes me have extreme fatigue, brain fog, and hunger surge. I am totally fine without it-I feel like a new person. I allow myself one Ghiradelli (sp?) dark choc. square per day-that's all the sugar I eat. Self control tastes so much better than any food.

    1. Hello Debra,
      I love your statement "Self control tastes so much better than any food." I need to paste that to my refridgerator.
      My treat is a Dove dark chocolate bar, for the antioxidants of course. I use to buy only about 5 pounds of sugar a year, for many years. Its time I went back to doing that.


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