21 October 2013

Google Analytics vs. Blogspot Stats

For this blog on 20 October 2013 Google Analytics shows 8 versus (Google) Blogspot Stats  51* visitors. On Mozilla History, Clear Recent History cookies box checked, means Blogspot will count my visits on my own blog. I have to check each time after clearing the Stats don't track my visits box. Still, my visits don't explain the 43 visitor difference between Google Analytics vs Google Blogspot Stats. In the past, the list of countries supports Stats more than it does the Analytics count. In other words, the total countries visiting is higher than the Analytics total for that day.

Use an independent visitor counter? Sure. Searching online I decide to try statcounter.com.
The button is invisible on this blog's page. If you notice changes when you visit, page loading, then please let me know. In a couple of weeks I'll post a short review about how how the counter is working.
Wild Apples on Main Street, Vergennes, Vermont

* Chuckling about only 51 visitors? That's a lot for this small 18 month old blog.  The average daily visitor count use to be for many months about a dozen on Stats, and under a dozen on Analytics, (and still is on Analytics). The counts are rising, however, and appear to be steady at over a dozen a day on Stats.  Of course those numbers are for visits recorded. I believe there are readers who browse the Internet without tracking.


  1. Maywyn - you are so good with all this high tech stuff - I don't have a clue how it all works. Your photo of the apples is lovely - have a beautiful day.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Reading about tech stuff is about the limit to my understanding. lol
    I try to find clues reading forums where others ask the questions I dont' know to think of asking.
    Have a great week. The weather is typical October.


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