12 October 2013

Exercise Parks

Does the change of seasons leave you feeling like your color is draining out of you?
For your health, do you engage in fresh outdoor exercise?

    Last night watching "Globe Trekker, Ultimate China," with host Megan McCormick, I saw the most amazing exercise park in China. A later Internet search for exercise parks China, shows there are numerous such parks in that country. An Internet search of America for exercise parks turns up very little. Searching Images I found a gym park in England photo in article about the subject on the website, Lilth News. And, the article does state there is an exercise park in Iowa, USA.

   There are parks with obstacle courses. I know one was built in Coshocton, Ohio in the early 1980s. As for exercise parks? As a life long resident of America, I have yet to see an exercise/gym park for adults like those in China where there is lovely exercise equipment in one area.

     In American, I can see two obstacles to having exercise/gym parks: liability and the competition issue with exercise clubs vs local government. Otherwise, it is a mystery to me why exercise/gym parks aren't popular in here.

Have you seen an exercise/gym park in the United States?

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