10 October 2013

Autumn, Squirrel & Doves

Drawn to the mid afternoon sunlight shinning through a golden yellow foliage, I begin taking pictures when I hear rustling in the brush. Rays of sun barely get through onto the ground near a squirrel rummaging around in the leaves and pine needles.
There appears to be a bumper crop of chestnuts this year. Squirrels are seen often carrying them for weeks now. I've found chestnut husks in my small garden.

Then I see a thing else?
A grayish shape with another grayish shape turns out to be mourning doves not bothered by the squirrel, but quickly disturbed by my picture taking. I'm near delirious with joy when as they fly off, a dove selects a pine branch close to me as a perch. Downer when the bird pulls a "Whoa!" and flies off in a blur. Aw me.

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is. The golden yellow leaves glow in the sunlight as if the tree is a lamp. I'm thinking is might be an ash tree from the shape of the leaves on this website, Guide to Identification of Vermont Foliage.

Update...The tree is an American Chestnut.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Your little video is nice too-I 've always loved the sound of leaves in the wind.

    1. Thank you Debra
      Sitting outdoors on a windy day while the leaves fall is smile time, very relaxing.

  2. Dear Maywyn - such great pictures...I am like you when I see the squirrels and birds - they probably wonder what that silly creature is with a black box clicking away (:!! Have a great day.

    1. A great day to you, Debbie
      I must say, they did look at me funny. lol


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