18 September 2013

Like Lamps?

A sure sign you have a hobby is that every yard sale, thrift shop or rummage sale, your eyes light up when you see an object you find yourself either buying every time or dreaming of what you didn't buy. Is it a chair? Chenille bedspreads? Swing Coats? Tools? Maybe lamps? On the Internet there are many lamp makeovers. Here are a few of my favorites:
Rain on a Tin Roof Painted base with a lovely lampshade
The Lettered Cottage Using spray paint

And a favorite new lamp on Shades of Light bushel basket lantern.

I began collecting lamps over twenty-five years ago starting with yard sale dollar lamps. After a while, I become more selective. I prefer to collect any sorry lamp in need of attention. I bought the plaster figural lamp many years ago as a pair. Researching online I ran across the male as a statue sold in the late 1800s. Repairing the many breaks has been a slow process because I use the lamp. In order to make a repair, I have to unplug the electric connection, and allow the plaster to dry for a few days to be safe.

When making over or repairing any lamp it should always be unplugged. Think safety when doing a lamp makeover.


  1. Maywyn - what a lamp - I love it. Even though it needed repairs it probably is better than anything new you would buy today. I just had my hobby light bite the dust and I have only had it for about four years. I know where to come to find a lamp now - your house (LOL)!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Rewiring lamps is easy. Most hardware stores have kits. The Lamp Shop online has a wider selection of cord colors. You've given me a great idea for the holiday giveaway I want to have...a lamp! lol

  3. ...adding...this website has the best varity of lamp kits: http://www.profhdwr.com/08812L.htm


  4. I love that feeling when my eyes light up and my heart goes ca-thump when I find a vintage book. It is nice you are taking time to repair the lamp. it will bring you joy for a long time.

  5. Fabulous lamp! I collect so many things it's absurd, but I do have an absolute weakness for pewter and Brittainia-ware teapots,they always go home with me if the price is right.


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