23 September 2013

Art Supply Storage

Vintage butcher trays, loaf pans, pie tins, muffin pans can all provide neat storage for art supply stuff. The small jars for Dickinson's jellies, jams and curds store water for painting. I fill the jars with cooled water after making tea, changing the water daily.
The textured baking pan in the photo is my favorite to collect. The jars fit in neatly with room for stuff. The green metal paint box is a vintage find on Ebay. I also like that type of vintage bakeware to hang instead of the common copper molds seen in so many kitchens (mine).

Show me a wire basket or wood canister and my eyes will glaze over. Example, the metal counter display stand treasure from a local free pile is perfect storage for rolled drawings and canvases. 
There are a lot of vintage as well as new items to be creative with to store art supply stuff. Caution though, they can develop into  junk storage when there's extra space when in your hand there's something you might find a use for later. (Note green and orange triangles removed from a knit jersey.)

What are you favorite art supply storage items?


  1. Dear Maywyn - great way to use vintage pans. I just happened onto pencil holders at the "Dollar Tree" that have magnets on the back - works great for my collection of colored pencils. Thanks for sharing. Have a great evening.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Magnets are a great idea to organize a studio or desk area.
      The best thing about the pans under the water and paint is the lack of spillage. They catch drips really well.

  2. great ideas for art storage...I usually use baskets.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Baskets are great storage. I use one for rulers, large brushes and such.


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