04 September 2013

A Watercolor Day

Instead of posting about grape stems, I'm posting the photograph I'm painting in watercolor today of seagulls at the Otter Creek boat launch.
What happened to the grape stems you may ask.  I don't remember where I stored the old pictures that are part of today's postponed post.
Happily the straight lines I drew onto my drawing board save time positioning the watercolor paper. Yay me. Not yay me to learn I have a lot of photo library sorting to do.

9.5" x 5.25" Watercolor in progress

I didn't stretch the Arches 140 lb. cold press paper before applying the watercolors (see shadow center). Heavy rippling will be flattened after the paper dries before I'll add details.
For this photograph to painting, a larger image size with more birds is the goal. I feel painting from small to large helps my confidence.

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