09 August 2013


2:30 AM Eastern Time USA looking East
Yesterday evening and early this morning 2:30 AM EST the thunderstorms that rolled through this area were unreal, continuous thunder rumbling in the distance, the sky lighting up one right after another.  Its been a long time since I've seen a thunderstorm cell that large.

Earlier in the evening 8 August, I had just finished reading the Bible when I heard far off rumbling I thought at first might be a truck. The sounds kept up, and were getting louder and louder. A couple of cracks of thunder were right above as in very close, make you jump close, perk up, taking off your metal jewelry close, get away from the window, turn off the television. I huddled in my Blue Willow woven throw with fringe. I embroidered thinking the metal needle is too small to be a bother for such big thunder.

I am a thunderstorm fan. There is something about lightening that is memorable, the force, the vibration of the ground and air. In all that, I think about the New York State Catskill Mountains, Rip Van Winkle, and bowling. And to think, Washington Irving wrote the story when he was living in England.

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