21 August 2013

Something Funny

For all the photos I've posted on this blog about the Moon, I have only two paintings of Earth's satellite, a gesso skin moon, and a small winter scene
Fireflies, acrylic detail

The full Moon this month is interesting. The day before the official full moon, Sunday and Monday night, the Moon was seen over the hedgerow tree line from about 7:40 to about 9 PM Eastern time. The night of the full Moon I had to go around the corner and down the driveway to take pictures of the full Moon because it wasn't where it was the night before. I didn't look out again until much later when the night orb was behind the gigantic weeping willow tree. My math challenged brain doesn't understand why during the same time frame is the Moon in one place one night, and another the next night until I trace the path to think its a seasonal shift thing. The Moon had yet to rise to the place it was the night before (higher and left off the photo).

20 August 2013 Full Moon, 8:17 PM EST

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