23 August 2013


Do you have a self portrait or a portrait painting of yourself? If not, then who would you chose for the artist in the style of John Singer Sargent, Van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper?

For the stately portrait...I chose the age of forty, a flowing summer blouse and blue jeans in a setting outdoors under an old tree near a pond at a picnic with beer, food, wine, books, a painting easel, cumulus clouds, and a love ones in the field playing a game or feeding the ducks. I'll be day dreaming with a tender smile on my face, light in my eyes, and happiness radiating from the canvas.

Then I'd paint a city scene, downtown shopping with all my favorite clothes in the windows as people go about their day with various facial expressions and personality props as I look out from a cornerstone like a Daniel Chester French statue in color, and the Charles River flowing in the background.
Walden Pond, November 2011

I'd be a tree in Boston Common,
A sand maiden on Walden Pond
A canoe paddling hippie on the Charles River,
Picking up sea glass on a Cape Cod beach,
and sitting on porch steps spilling pizza on my white blouse.

Where will you be?
~~~Update, 19 December 2013...I've chosen a half dozen paintings of Old Masters to explore the style and composition of a self portrait. Somewhere, some how I'll be holding Cezanne's bowl of fruit.


  1. Interesting post...I like your description...I can picture your portrait with happiness radiating from the canvas. I would choose Picasso to paint my portrait. It would not matter my age, or the size of my nose...I think he would capture me in colors that radiate outward from my spirit.

  2. Hello Dee,
    Interesting choice. I can see the colors radiating in and from your portrait.

  3. Not sure if I'd want a portrait of myself done.. I don't even like to be photographed all that much.

  4. Hello Hena,
    That's something to think about.

  5. Dear Maywyn - you portrait sounds wonderful...I think I would prefer Andrew Wyeth's type of portrait for me but most definitely I would have pizza on my blouse (LOL)! Have a beautiful day.

  6. Hello Debbie,
    I can see you as a Wyeth.
    A beautiful week to you

  7. I love everything you described! What a thoughful post...every artist that came to mind has been listed, you touched on so many of my all time favourites. I am going to have fun contemplating this one, thank you!

    PS...thank you for your thoughtful comment today...much appreciated! :)

    1. Thank you, Jeanne
      Your post today on your blog is a favorite.


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