13 August 2013

In a Drawing Environment

A day to draw is every day. Doesn't happen? Then set aside a day to draw, a draw day, pencil day, pen day, a stick in the sand day...draw.
"Crow Tower", 14" x 16" Ink drawing 2001

This 2000 ink piece was done in Drawing 101, a course I took at the University of Vermont. The exercise is to draw in the style of the Greek- Italian artist, Giorgio Di Chirco (1888 ~ 1978) .

I've drawn three of this scene with various changes, but not to copy the exact. Each time I've taken elements that speak to what I want to accomplish. Aside from drawing studies for larger paintings, I haven't taken a drawing into generations like I have this artwork. Why the  bother?

I feel this drawing is a thinking image, an artwork that whispers thoughts into the imagination. The art isn't a stop, stare and walk away. The art is a put in your brain pocket adventure. Your body wears the clothes. Your brain wears your thoughts. And art, is Haute couture for the mind.
An August 2013 Drawing Day

This time around, I'm thinking about the crow. What is he doing? What is he thinking? His facial expression reminds me of American Eagle illustrations with the stern and serious eyes. Do I want to continue with that look or take his thoughts into the landscape. And what is the mountain all about? The ramp? The towers I know are about air wave pollution, and how, I believe, it tampers with avian navigation.

That idea hails from the late 1970s environmental awareness. I was visiting a beach along the Massachusetts coast when I saw stuff floating in the water. I was appalled somebody would throw a tampon holder into the Atlantic Ocean. Oops. Not. The state of Massachusetts was dumping trash in the Atlantic Ocean for years! Thank you EPA for the Ocean Dumping Act Ban 1988. 

Political I get (in my little Yoda voice). I feel as we polluted the land and oceans in the past, we are repeating that mistake by polluting the air waves. Cell phones are handy. Wireless saves resources. But what does all that waving electrical stuff do to brains, ours, birds, insects and animals. Bee problem. Bat problem. A hm? problem?

In summary, how this new drawing version will turn out is a mystery as well as a challenge. Unlike in the past, I will be using pencil first, this time around. Once I'm satisfied with the drawing, then I'll draw over the pencil with ink. 


  1. My that is a challenge....you are a good art teacher.:)

  2. Hello Dee,
    Artist learn from each other
    I learn from your art as well.

  3. I like this-a lot. I wish I did set apart time each day to draw. I used to...Now it seems I make things.
    I like your drawing. I'm glad you are showing more of your work.
    I agree with what you wrote about pollution too...

    1. Hello Debra,
      Thank you
      I think art has cycles, draw, paint, create.


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