18 August 2013

Favorites & Weather

The weather the last few days has been summer perfect with a nice breeze.
I remember as a child being told if the sky looks stormy, when I see the underside of the leaves, it is time to go home.
On my walks, every time I see the underside of leaves under a stormy sky, I think of a tree across from the playground, my warning to go home tree. Today, I can check NOAA to read at the report, and see the radar map for up to date conditions.

As I type, in the background I hear the Fiat commercial, "The Italians are Coming." It is a favorite TV ad that makes my heart smile. I especially like the part where the man turns around the sign to read  from"Pub" to "Club." The acting is spot on excellent. I wouldn't mind living in that town.

There are clouds that look like they are sitting there just to be looked at. Cumulus clouds at their low elevation are the cloud studies I like best. Cirrus clouds are pretty, but I feel they are too high up on a landscape unless the sky is the focus of a painting. Clouds and rocks are the two natural elements in a painting that intrigue me the most.  Its an all is forgiven when they are painted well.

The old honeysuckle chirps and jitters with the activity of sparrows flying in and out. It isn't easy to catch a photograph because they become quiet or fly away when I'm too close. Its almost as if they don't want me to hear what they are gossiping about. Sparrows are delightful to watch. However, they can be disturbing right outside your window when you are sleepy.

Wishing you all a good week-end


  1. Those cumulus clouds are something I can just watch over and over. I too always note if the leaves are turned over - have heard it is a sign of rain. Sometimes I think those signs still work best! Love the sparrows but you are right they are a chatty bunch!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Its funny how such small things thread through our experiences. It makes me feel like New England extends to the Midwest or the Midwest extends to the East Coast.
      Looking at the last few years of pictures, August is a great cloud month.


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