18 July 2013

Photography a Bumble Bee

This photo has a tiny funny story...Once upon a time walking down the street, I stop to take a photograph of chicory growing along the side of the road. Large and small bees are all over the place. The bumble bees direct my picture taking. When I select a bumble bee for a close up, it flies to another flower, and so it goes...bee to flower, camera to bee in unison. Several of the shots have been deleted because the fast pace of the bumble bees cause me to take the shot quickly without positioning the camera (see below).


  1. love the sweet little bee and flower...

  2. Hello Debra
    There were tiny bees about a third of the size of the bumble bee. I didn't try to capture a photo of them.

  3. lol.. my son has the same problem.. he says cheese but the moment I click he moves.. it's as if he thinks I'm making videos instead.

  4. Hi Hena,
    That's funny the way kids react to cameras.

  5. Who knew they were camera shy :)

  6. Hi Dee,
    LOL. I didn't know until then.


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