05 June 2013

The Frozen Berry

Frozen blueberries have been a favorite for decades.
Frozen Bing Cherry Treat
A new discovery for me is the frozen Bing Cherry! There are no pits to spit out. Hooray!

Going blueberry hunting as a child in the wilds outside of Boston was a family treat. There were many patches of wild blueberries to be found. I recall always being cautioned to watch out for quick sand because some of the blueberries were in swamp like places. Us kids watched with fear our parents brave woods where quick sand could grab them like the poor guy in the, "Jungle Jim" 1955 television show, starring Johnny Weissmuller.

This summer, consider adding frozen berries to your treats' list. The Bing cherry are great without the pits, and have possible uses such as adding them chopped rough to spinach salad or carrot slaw with  feta cheese. Unlike blueberries and strawberries, Bing cherries don't appear to need sweetening.

Blueberry Milk Smoothie

Frozen blueberries in a glass
Sprinkle and stir in sugar to taste
Cover blueberries with milk
Wait a minute for milk to freeze
Stir around until slushy


  1. That blue berry smoothie looks easy and yummy.I will be back tomorrow to see your abstract. :)

    1. Hi Dee,
      Frozen berries is a good after 6PM snack.
      I'm getting ready this afternoon to put on the last applications of color and texture. After drying over night, I'll take pictures.


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