11 June 2013

Printer Nightmare

For no apparent reason the Kodak ESP3250 decides not to print because the ink cartridges are empty when in reality the black ink is half full, and the color ink is a few weeks old with only about 5 color pages printed. Nothing I try works. I uninstall the program, and then using the disk that came with the printer, I install the program again. Problem: The disk doesn't work the way it should. It checks for updates. Then tells me my program is updated. The program still doesn't work, but it is updated.
After a uninstall and reinstall, the problem changes to Cannot find printer...connect USB cable. The USB cable/all connections are connected. I look at the printer and faxes folder...the ESP 3250 isn't there even after the re-install! Another Kodak printer is listed that I didn't opt to install. Going to the Kodak page to install the printer doesn't work either. I'm told my system is "too old," and then the page disappears with no additional help. The printer is maybe three years old, and rarely used because it drinks ink so fast, black and color inks.
Two hours plus later, nothing works, not even using another port.
What else could go wrong?
FujiFilm Finepix Studio wouldn't open unless I let the updates finish. I don't need the updates. I click cancel. Poof! Then entire program shuts down. I try to re-install to fix it. The FujiFilm website is another nightmare!

At the end of several hours of chasing fixes, I have no upload program for photos. I can't use the printer because the Kodak program can't find the printer that's installed. Could a USB cable go bad? Maybe it could in the 21 years I've been using USB cables for printers, this will be the first USB cable to fail, if it has that is. I"m not alone. An Internet search tells me others experience the same problem. My problem is the Kodak program that's updated, doesn't have the features needed for me to fix it. The Kodak Home Center program won't even open...the one that Kodak tells me is updated.
Almost 10 hours later...I found the FujiFilm FinePix Viewer disk. Its installed. The problem is the photos on the camera won't upload in that program. The Camera Scanner Wizard doesn't work. The Microsoft Autofix doesn't work. None of the HKey whatever fixes I found online look like my system.
The next move is to install the other printer I have that also drinks ink, and use the memory card to upload the photos. A bonus is that I've learned more than I care to about computers, and, I wrote most of it down.


  1. EEK....you are experiencing a nightmare....I pray there will be a solution for you some how . this stuff is all over my head.

  2. Hi Dee,
    We both have the same view. :)
    I did as much as I'm able. Time to remove the photos to disk in case something else glitches. I'm glad I kept my old computer.


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