15 June 2013

Peony Season and Older Age

Peony season is a burst of big flower petals drooping over a rain soaked lawn while being tickled by ants and entertained by wasps searching for mud. The mock orange blooms above sending a delicate perfume into the air while white petals fall to the pavement. Thunderhead clouds go higher and higher as if climbing the tallest tree to see the Atlantic Ocean, a salty smelling breezy seashore where big fluffy clouds advertise summer the best.
Under and around it all I walk, exercise, eat well transforming from a fat person with flab to a thinner person with skin, such is the life of the elasticity challenged gravity experienced person. I laugh thinking back to  those hysterical days of a skirt hem a fraction off, gel not pasting down my worse cowlick hair antenna, panic bursts...did I take off my pajama bottoms...on the way to work wearing a new pair of classy pumps. Does-this-go-with-this? and Do-I-look-all-right? ruled the younger years. I cringed at the thought of wearing elastic waist pants. Now, knit rules! Elastic is the best invention since television!
When I journal, I think...don't complain about the kids because you could have stroke, die, and they will find this. How things will be left *after I'm gone*, gray hair, and wrinkles aren't worth getting hysterical over. The care free but be perfect attitude of youth morphs into taking things as they are...and laughing* about it.

*Not when there's computer problems


  1. Yup-I agree. I am happy at 58-wouldn't be younger for nuthin'!

    1. Hello Debra,
      Thank you for the smile
      I have to say though,I wouldn't mind being thirty again. :)


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