25 June 2013

My Service Camera Pet

Anonymous dog (cropped photo)
If a photo is a close up of the dog that identifies him or her, then I would ask permission to take the picture just as I would if the focus is a person. I focus my photography on skies, trees, landscapes, bugs, birds, and such, not people. I use people as reference to paint from, not as models. I also erase license plates and such before saving the pictures to my files.
If I saw a celebrity,  then I would ask permission to take a photo as well as permission when to post the photo. If I saw a bus with a celebrity advertisement, then I would take a photo, but not post the details.
Vermont is a beautiful place to vacation. I don't want to represent the tiny space I take up with putting a camera in the face of anyone. Surprising enough, I've received remarks about my *camera* being with me all the time. My camera is my service pet helping me navigate being outdoors without running home with a panic or anxiety attack.

The photograph above is one that I will edit and paint for the Sidewalk Series I'm creating. There will be people in the painting I'll draw in because the original picture crops out faces that aren't hidden behind planters.


  1. When I go into a shop or store I ask permission to take pictures. At times I worry if I have crossed the line with my photo's. Sure hope not.

  2. Hi Dee,
    Asking permission when you aren't on public property is a good rule. There are a lot of online resources about photographer's rights, and there's a photographer's handbook.


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