13 June 2013

Love You FujiFilm Finepix & the Ebay Computer Discussion Board!

With the help of the great folks on the Ebay Computer discussion board...photos now transfer to my computer so easy, I'm so thrilled I can barely tyep!
I'm doing an Internet search to find a camera download when I start to think...hey...if old camera software is updated, then I should try my newest camera. I attached the USB cable. I flip the on switch. What do I hear? Is that a computer doing something noise? YES! The FinePix Studio opens. The instructions are very easy to understand, really fast upload, and in no time  a full screen slide show! The program is 100% better than the Camera Scanner Wizard.

Bumble Bee Among Wild Roses

I'm over at the hedgerow taking pictures of the wild very thorny big perfume roses when I see this dashing bee buzzing around.
In the right place, at the right time almost didn't happen.
I almost didn't take photographs of tomorrows post that I'm working on. The clear coat needs to dry overnight before I'm comfortable taking pictures. Good thing because as I'm viewing the photos a process stage I notice they appear to be heavy on the yellow. I will change that for better color balance.

Tomorrow...working with glitter in paintings


  1. Happy your picture issue is solved......celebration time ***** :) I look forward to the glitter in paintings...you are so creative...you keep me motivated to experiment.

  2. Hi Dee,
    Thank you for the kind comments

    Every time I hear the chime when the camera is connected, it feels like church.


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