22 June 2013

June Super Full Moon

Waxing Gibbous Moon, 20 June 2013
Full Moon, 23 June 2013 EST

In June the full Moon is called the Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon,  Hay Moon, Rose Moon, Hot Moon. Bees, first haying, roses, heat, and strawberries are all June associated. This year the full June Moon will be the closest and largest of the year as a Supermoon, as in a super dooper full Moon. I hope you don't miss it with all the rain forecasts.
Gif by Tomruen via Wikipedia


  1. Thanks for all the cool moon facts.I hope it stays clear enough to see this tonight, though the clouds are moving in. Hope you got to enjoy some of the lovely weather of the last few days.


  2. Hello Nanina,
    Happy Summer!
    Clouds are moving in here as well. I hope we both have the chance to take a few photographs.

  3. Dear Maywyn - just catching up on your posts. I am so glad to know about the full moon on the 23rd - hope to catch it tomorrow - it is suppose to rain in the evening but only a 30% chance - so hope I get to see it. Have a great week-end.

  4. Hi Debbie,
    A great week-end to you as well.
    Despite the rain last night, I kept peeking out to see if there was a break in the clouds.:)


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