14 June 2013

Glitter in Paintings

It happened by mistake, left over glitter from a craft project got on a painting.
I like it. Add more glitter.
"Place Settings", 16" x 20" Acrylic Mixed Media 2012
The painting has been on the wall as one of those I look at thinking there's one more element...maybe add more glitter...something. Underneath (mostly) is the painting, "Name Tags" from 2010.

About the glitter...tiny bits of it shine as the light in the room changes. The visual is a treat, a bonus. The glitter is subtle, doesn't stick out like a greeting card.

Wear Protective Eye glasses, mask and clothing

Use a spraying box outdoors. If the painting is larger, then put down a large drop cloth. Don't spray on a windy day. Keep away from edible plants, delicate plants and pets...think birder feeder and baths as well.

In the box is the first application of glitter that moves with the force of the spray. I had to reapply, and spray more softly. The glitter will be shinier before it is sprayed.
Lean the painting on the walls of the box to get more coverage. I recommend a box with handle holds that ease transport of the glittered painting to the final spraying location.
Know whatever precautions you take, glitter has a mind of its own...and that is to escape into the world everywhere it can.
"Fossil", 14" x 12" Acrylic Abstract Mixed Media 2013

"Fossil" is heavily textured with coarse and extra coarse pumice gel, and light molding paste. The mediums are applied in layers, drying between each application to build up the topography.

The color is added on each layer, and the final top layer. The glitter is placed by color and then adhered with the acrylic clear coat sealer.

Detail close up of the texture, upper left corner shows the topography the pumice gel creates. Hung on the wall, the surface has play with the additional shine of the glitter.
I love geology. My aim is to embrace it in the abstract. Trompe de l'oeil is not the goal. The sculptural quality of the painting is the highlight.
And glitter helps it shine.
Detail, "Fossil" texture upper left of center


  1. Maywyn - so lovely and the glitter does make it shine. Hope you have a great day.

    1. Hello Debbie
      Wishing you a great week-end

  2. Looks great and I am so glad you mentioned using a box....i would have had a royal mess. I just may try this technique.

    1. Hi Dee,
      You can make the box deeper by taping the flaps up.
      Have fun when you try it


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