27 June 2013

Blog Metamorphosis

It is a woe is me moment when you find you've lost touch with a favorite blog. There are bloggers I'm still looking for like the women in the Pacific Northwest who does gorgeous painted furniture make overs. As you keep reading along the cyber roads, you may begin to see yourself creating an emerging theme of favorites you didn't expect.

Exploring my on going France and Paris blog reading theme, I searched for a blog with many thought provoking photographs that I had lost touch with. I remember ink...spot...little...Paris. The word spot distracts me with lovely polka dot dresses until Google helps me out with the word...Pen! Yes, The Little Brown Pen. Yay!
I find that The Little Brown Pen, has changed into the magnificent, Obvious State Studio. What's more, they are on Esty.com at The Paris Print Shop.

If you also swoon over photographs of France, then check out the blog Lost in Arles. One of my favorite blogger pets is there and has a friend. I'm going there now to read the recent post.
Others blogs for an across the Atlantic adventure:
My French Country Home
Hither and Thither Paris Apartment Rental
Stories and Scribbles
An English Travel Writer

Happy Blog Reading!

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  1. Thank you, It sounds fun. I'll check it out. I love French Kitchen.. gorgeous photos. love,Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      Speaking of French Kitchen...check out houzz.com

  2. I love to see people living out their dreams....and being kind enough to share them.

    1. Hello Dee,
      I still have images of all those books you found at a sale.
      Thank you for sharing as well


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