24 June 2013

Blog list removal...glitch to Google homepage?

My Blog List on the right has been removed because of a glitch, and its better for security purposes when things go weird on Blogger.
Clicking on a blog from the list took me to a Google home page add on thing that I didn't opt to place there.  A link should always be what it is stated to be. From inside my blog when I click on a blog I follow, the page goes directly to the blog. Strange coincidence a blog I read earlier didn't go to the titled blog the next post, and now the page is missing completely.

A blog I visit, a few years ago reported being hacked. The hacker redirected that blog's links.
In this case today, the Google add to your home page thing looks legit, but clicking on anything on that page might not be legit.

In the future, I may post a list of blogs I recommend, but without links.


  1. Maywyn - always so glad for your computer knowledge...sounds like the glitch may keep you out of trouble. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    A great day to you as well
    Glitches are becoming too frequent this past month.
    Hoping summer is more care free

  3. Its such a shame when things like this happen. I love browsing new blogs from others' lists. I wish hackers would use their knowledge for good, rather than messing with people's enjoyment.

    1. Hi Pat,
      I totally agree with you.
      I think I'm going to make a new list.

  4. Good grief..what next? Thank you for the heads up. :(

  5. Hi Dee,m
    It does feel like a what next. Instead of being defeated, I created another list using a different gadget.


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