20 June 2013

A Sunny Lunch

Yesterday's weather was perfect with a friendly chill in the air, a sunny blue sky, and an appropriate late spring  breeze. I stopped for lunch at the library picnic table anxious to finish off some spectacular greasy onion rings. Its rare for me to have fried food. Its also rare I stop at the picnic table.
Commemorative photo of a nice lunch
If I had a big puff of cotton candy, then I would have felt like I was at a county fair. The atmosphere was wonderful. I took out my sketchbook (recently located in a pile of papers), and did a quick sketch of a section of buildings on the south side of Main Street.
As I was looking up at the mid day sunlight in the maple trees, I was intrigued by the color contrast of the  underside of the leaves. I took a lot of photos because my camera often yellows out many green hues. The gray green under side of the leaves can be seen just about center, and to the right of center in the photograph below.


  1. What a lovely sketch. I also like your arrows in the photo. I think you must be a fun person!

    1. Thank you Debra
      Next lunch will be veggies from home.

  2. I love that you follow your inner artistic self. You know how to have peace and joy.

    1. Hello Dee,
      Your photographs bring peace and joy.


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