14 May 2013

Is Blogging Safe?

Would you stand on a public sidewalk telling strangers  where you live, things about your family, where you visit, when you are on vacation? How many people have you seen doing that (that aren't celebrities who have security)? Now ask yourself how many you've read on the Internet doing that.

Having a good Internet security program in place is a no brainer.
I recommend a paid program if you have an online presence...the best your money can buy after you research the company well, review websites and asking problem questions on the Internet to see what is out there.
 After five years of blogging, I've experienced more problems this last year than any other. Updates will sometimes change things on a system. If you've been using a computer long enough, you develop a feel for your system. However, coincidences exist. Not all is what it seems holds true for the Internet.
It takes time to research antivirus programs. Thirty day free trials, I believe, can save you time, and the hassle of a refunds if you decide what you bought isn't what you want. On a trial run, there may be pop up boxes getting in your face from day one reminding you to buy the program.
Beware where you download the program from, and what shows up on your screen during the download and installation process because there can be things like tool bars and other programs the website includes in their software package. Those tag along pests can be a major headache as well as hours spent removing them.
Be as safe as you can with what you can afford


  1. Great advice Maywyn. No one can be too careful.

  2. Thank you Debbie
    Its been quite a time fixing things that go wrong.

  3. My kids tell me I spend to much for my trend Micro security system but it has been six years and so far no virus. You can not be to careful .

    1. Hello Dee,
      I believe you get what you pay for most of the time.
      A computer system is too valuable not to give it the best.


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