20 May 2013

Irises, Lilacs, and a Cubbyhole

Both lilacs and irises are in bloom this cloudy rain forecast purple and perfumed week in Vermont.

In my cubbyhole studio desk area, an ongoing struggle is the tendency to overly surround myself with tools, materials, file folders, lotions, papers, books and such. Its a throw back to my customer service rep days. I hate scrambling to look for things as much as I hate not being able to answer questions. The same is true with a painting and craft project in front of me...I want everything I might need close by. Thus, a pile up of stuff eventually surrounds me in various positions of past uses = Clean out the cubbyhole day.
Some people like things around them for various reasons, comfort source, protection, visual validation.  Good storage organization can be made to look messy on purpose. Under the disarray, there is a core set up that works for me. And if things look too neat...there's always the junk mail to leave around.

Meanwhile, there are flowers to photograph, and dreams of shopping at Ikea for storage cabinets.


  1. Ikea shopping and photographing flowers...what could be better....:)

  2. Hi Dee,
    The Ikea work station is nice and affordable. Of course I took a side trip to look at couches. :)


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