22 May 2013

Abstract May Progress

The current gesso skin abstract is progressing slower than I expected after the last resting. I thought for sure I knew exactly where I want to go. I told myself...No, if you do that you could make a mess obliterating the elements you want to keep.
In the back of my mind I can hear critics telling me Obliterate is good.
My muse, Cyrl, is refusing to guide me whatsoevah.
Being left alone by muse, tools and image having a jolly good time watching me deepen my wrinkles actually feels like fun. Returning to the original idea has been slightly helpful. I'm feeling a precipice of adventure versus comfort nearing. At this point, I'd usually hide by turning to another project like cleaning out the storage closet or rearranging  bookshelves. Instead, I'm waiting for the paint to dry.


  1. I am like you when i get to this point in creativity...rearrange and clean LOL Stick with it...it is looking good. :)

  2. Hi Dee,
    I'm determined to finish the painting later today.


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