09 April 2013

Sun Halos and Prayer

Sun Halo, 17 April 2012, 1:30 PM, Vergennes, Vermont
A Sun Halo is a spectacular phenomenon to see.
The photograph isn't edited. The sun halo is actually that large.

There are many mornings I wake up wondering if its worth it to continue with this blog, this avenue to a better life. I remind myself that with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, one factor can raise up the past almost as if it happens that day. Its the nature of the PSTD beast. Last week was one of the best in my life, and by week's end an old trauma returns feeling, and being as malicious as ever.

During these episodes, things have to stop, slow, drink plenty of water and get rest despite wanting to struggle on. I need to take care of myself because this is the self of mine that needs me. I look at the bad dreams like exhibits in a museum. It may be different with each person. These are the ways I cope with PTSD. I pray, speak to God. I pray for my enemies. I pray for squirrels, wind, rain, and sun halos because I am thankful for being on such a beautiful planet with a majority of beautiful people. I know eventually the pressures will fade. Life does get better more often than it gets bad.


  1. Good morning! I have seen those halos-they are amazing-moon halos too...I'm sorry to read you are troubled by PTSD. I truly don't know much about it, except experiencing normal life changes that have been very stressful. It's funny how the stress of big changes eventually catches up-I think that's what my panic attacks were all about. I am thankful I have been healed of that. God is VERY good.

  2. Maywyn I don't know a thing about PTSD but I do know stress and depression. You are so very wise to stop and take care of yourself. I hope you feel better and I hope you do continue with your blog. You are my friend and I'll be praying for you. I too love nature and get such peace from it when I look. Sometimes with everything else going on the beauty around me is pushed aside for stressful things. Hope you have a really good day, love to you,Diana

  3. Dear Maywyn - I may not know about PTSD but I too have had panic attacks and stress related illness. You have certainly chosen the wise path to caring for yourself.
    These sun halos are gorgeous. As far as I know I have never saw these. Fantastic you were able to catch them.
    Take heart friend you are not alone. I will spend some time looking up for you!! God bless.

  4. I have dealt with anxiety for years...it is a roller coaster ride at times...taking care of your self is very important...hugs help...here is one I am sending you ((((HUG))) Dee

  5. Thank you all
    Your kind words are a appreciate as well as a comfort.
    Things are easing up.


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