11 April 2013

Picture Frames

Wikipedia has a great article on Picture Frames.

Vintage gesso gilded frames are a favorite with all their cracks, chips and missing pieces. If you are industrious, then you can make a mold to create a plaster piece to fill in the empty spaces. I spruce the frames up with gold paint after a bit of plaster filling in if the cracks are too numerous.

Upholstery trim can be covered in gesso and painted or gilded, and used to embellish a plain frame whether its old or not. There are many ways to take a frame from simple to ornate.

I've seen gilded frames with a red paint undercoating to bring out the gold. You can color a frame the same as you paint pictures.
If your paintings are small in size, then one large frame can be cut down into two.

Reading up on the history of frames, and knowing what are valuable collectibles is a must if you collect frames. For example, did you know antique frames didn't have the grooves where the artwork rests? Here is a link on ehow.com...how to date antique picture frames.
 Happy collecting!


  1. I love frames leaned up against the wall with nothing in them....the vintage frames are works of art. :)

  2. Hi Dee,
    I have a clipping from a magazine of empty frames, very sophisticated looking.

  3. Dear Maywyn - old frames are truly special. I enjoy going to flea markets and searching for old ones. I am moving on to your next posts (sorry I have fallen behind.)

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I love your reflections post. What you wrote about your Mother is truly beautiful.

      Falling behind...must be the phase of the moon. I'm doing catch up myself.


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