28 April 2013

Nuthatch Nest in a Chestnut Tree

Stopping for a moment on the Vergennes Green, I was taking photographs of the Chestnut tree buds (that remind me of dogwood buds). A pair of White Breasted Nuthatches are seen flying back and forth. They appear to be nesting in a hollow where a branch broke off in days gone by. No babies peek out of the nest, but based on the parents activity, I doubt they are stocking up their wine cellar. I'll return this next week to see if any hatchlings are about.
Here are links to a couple of excellent Youtube videos white breasted nuthatches parents and hatchlings.
Youtube video chronicling White Breasted Nuthatch brooding until babies leave the nest
White breasted nuthatch parents feeding babies  
White Breasted Nuthatch visiting the nest

White Breasted Nuthatch

View from Park Street side Vergennes Green bench

Nuthatch near nest on left

White Breasted Nuthatch on a Chestnut Tree


  1. Awesome photos Maywyn... love these sweet birds they are constant visitors at my feeders. They come when the chickadees stop by and so I get to enjoy them together. Hope you had a wonderful week-end.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you
      I've seen a few around the backyard.


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