17 April 2013

Neighborhood Sounds

 A neighborhood has its own sounds. The chirping heard the other day is  different, not the usual for the area.

Cedar Waxwings have a large flock on this side of town this year. Their song is like a cross between a sparrow and a parakeet. Indeed, they prune themselves and perch like parakeets. Unlike the skittish starling, they appear calmer by not flying away as the camera approaches.

What does your neighborhood sound like?


  1. I have the sounds of geese flying over, a crane on occasion, twitter of lots of little birds and unfortunately the sound of a helicopter on occasion as we are in the flight path of The University Of Michigan life flight helicopter.I must say...you have a lot more birds in your trees then me :)

    1. Hi Dee,
      A happy April week to you
      The cedar waxwings here will be gone once they clear off the crabapples. There's a lot of those trees around town.

      Geese honking are a signal for me to grab the camera and hope I don't dash into the patio door before I open it. Many moons ago, after seeing a 1st Cav fly by (all up in the sky flying in formation), hearing helicopters always cheers me up.

  2. Dear Maywyn - I am hearing Robins, and Red wing blackbirds. All the rest of the birds sound different at this time of the year. I think they are chirping it is spring!! Please have a wonderful day.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Happy robins singing to you

      There are more birds chirping in the afternoons now that you mention it.
      One day matted lawn, and the next its green with birds all about


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