13 April 2013

Found Objects: Couch Metal

Old couches dismantled are a treasure of wood and metal pieces. The wood can be transformed into a large chair, bench, small table, headboard or other projects.
You will find many old couches have a hard wood frame. Once the fabric, foam, cardboard, and such are removed, carefully study the wood construction. Note where nails and screws are. Plan what you will save for your found objects and/or materials' stockpile. If you have an artist friend or carpenter, then offer them what pieces you aren't keeping.
The springs that round the back of the couch are hard steel with a metal connector that fastens the spring to the wood.
You can remove that metal connector with a pair of needle nose pliers. One small enough to fit inside the fold, and the other larger to pull the connector apart. If you can get the fold open wide enough, then you can slide the connector off. Save the connector because you can reuse them on other projects.

A bonus is you've reduced landfill trash. Recycling or re-purposing can be enjoyable when you take the time to work safely and plan...use safety glasses, good fitting gloves, and tuck in your shirt tails and hair.

Presently, the couch springs and metal pieces I've saved are due for a sculpture project. I've worked with positioning the springs a few times over the years. Behold Steampunk sculpture enters my favorites (less the dark side that many opt for). My large wall sculpture will follow that style. Out the window goes the idea of spray painting the springs a deep mustard yellow or teal. Along with other metal pieces I've scavenged, there is enough to create my vision.

Alas, if I finished every project I've started, then I could blog about them for a couple of months or more. That's the thing about loving found objects sculpture. You save things you're not sure how you'll use them, but you know in your heart...they must be saved!


  1. Dear Maywyn - I visited your post from Feb. Your coffee table sounds just like something I would love in my home. You are such a creative soul. Would love to see what you will do with the couch metal. Have a fun day creating (believe me I have so many unfinished projects too)- maybe we can get together and finish them (LOL)!

  2. Happy Monday, Debbie

    Couch springs are best sketched first because trying to arranged on a table isn't easy. Painter's tape might help.


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