23 April 2013

Flower Identification ~ Glory of the Snow

Glory of the Snow, Chionodoxa sardensis

There are little blue/purple flowers I see in several places around town that aren't violets, but look like a grown-up violet, sort of. After taking a photograph at ground level to capture depth, I decided to search online for the flower's name, Glory-of-the-Snow.

The photo achieves the depth, layers I want. However, the balance is off. I'll return to take more pictures. In the background is the Vergennes  Opera House.

Vergennes First Cemetery
Searching online for spring blue flowers VT brings up a lot of flowers to look at in Images, but too many to look through, and on Web, not enough to find the flower's name. I switch to search keywords, flower identification. Click on the website, 
www.flowerpictures.net, clicking on bulbs, and whala! I found the flower's name.

Great idea to list flowers I see around town noting their location, sunny, shade and such. The information will enhance a photo library's notes for paintings. Glory-of-the-Snow must be a popular spring flower they are in so many places.

On the headstone, the name above Jerusha Leavitt, is Freegrace Leavitt. I think both are beautiful names.


  1. Dear Maywyn - these little harbingers of spring are a favorite of mine. They grow easy and spread - probably why you see them in so many places. Your photo is fabulous and I am lol - thinking of you on the ground taking a picture - what great lengths we artists go to finding the perfect shot!! Thanks for making me smile today my friend. Bless you.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I place the camera at ground level. Then I adjust the camera after looking at the pictures before taking more. I might some day get on the ground. lol

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh - I love when they just start showing up in the Spring - beautiful! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  3. what a great name for this little flower :)

    1. Hi Dee,
      I agree, it is a great name.
      After posting this morning, on my walk I saw even more around town. Its like they are really everywhere.


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