03 April 2013

Burlington Vermont Waterfront

On a blustery day at the Burlington, Vermont waterfront two ducks bobbing on the water bring up thoughts of down...as in a down filled full length coat to replace the light spring coat I was wearing.
Burlington Waterfront Ducks

A photo and description on Birdzilla.com indicates to me this pair are Scaup ducks. There is a Greater Scaup and a Lesser Scaup. I believe the ducks in the photo are the Lesser Scaup,  also known as Little Bluebill or Broadbill, a North American diving duck.

UVM Sailing Team on Lake Champlain
Note the ducks in the lower foreground

A closer look at the sailing boats indicated they are the University of Vermont Sailing team. 
They are fascinating to watch.

Burlington Waterfront, Lake Champlain

If you have a sailing team in your area, then look up their schedule. Even on a cold bone chilling blustery day, I think they are well worth watching.


  1. Somethig so soothing about sailboats on the water...even if it does look SO cold! Happy Wednesday - stay warm...Tanya

  2. Hello Tanya,
    Good to see you
    It was cold, blustery brr cold.
    Seeing the boats in the formations made it worth it.

  3. Dear Maywyn - I love to see sail boats on the water. There is something so lovely about seeing them moving gently in the water. Your ducks looks different than the ones we have in my part of the country. Looks like the one has beautiful coloring...black and white?? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      We have mallards and other types of ducks here.
      It should be time for the Canada and Snow geese to be migrating, but I haven't seen many

  4. Brrrr...beautiful photo's. Vermont is a dream state...love it. So much beauty all around.

    1. Yes, Dee, Vermont is a beautiful state. Upstate New York is also spectacular.


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