24 April 2013

A Parsley Omelet Moment

Ever hear your stomach growl because you've been on the computer without a morning meal?
How dizzy from hunger can one be before their face hits the keyboard?
Let me know if you do because I didn't go there.
The eggs have been out of the fridge since I made coffee a few hours ago. I was fiddling around with this and that changing passwords (regularly) and such. Where did the email feature go. Bookmarks. Page ends up on a pair of sandals at Amazon.com. I must pin them! Open Pinterest (several new ones in Shoes). Oh, then I remember I want to check something. Forgot password. More time clicking. A phone call later, the two places require separate registrations. Stomach still growling. I remember... I'm old. Tickets to stroke city not sold out...who would find me. Omelet time!
Parsley Omelet

I'm a huge fan of parsley.
(Parsley, Feta Cheese and Strawberry salad is my favorite meal.)

Today is day one of the new writing schedule. What did I do first thing before even turning on the computer? Take out notes? No. Take out current story? No. I set up my drawing board because I'm going to paint today. I forgot about the new schedule...or did !?

I didn't. What happen is what I call the procrastination bounce...bouncing around to this and that so its really not procrastination if one is doing something. For shame I say!

What to do in a situation like that, when the creative painter brain is eager to paint but the writing schedule says to write? Write.

See you tomorrow brushes. sigh


  1. I hope it was creatively wonderful, no matter HOW you spent the day! Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  2. Hello Tanya,
    I hope your day has been great as well.

    Mine took another turn after I was reminded of an project that's been put aside too many times. I listed one auction on eBay. Its exhausting, but easier as time goes by.

  3. I am seriously impaired with the same creative procrastination issue as you. I think you have to go with the one urging that is the strongest...if not you will not do anything.:)

    1. Hello Dee,
      Good point

      I did,however, I did manage to be productive.
      Now I have to clean up the messes I made yesterday tearing things apart so I can write and/or paint today. lol

  4. Dear Maywyn - I think I have the same disease - procrastination - do you think it strikes us creative souls? I would like to think is a symptom of being artists :)!! Now I am going to try an omelet with parsley...strawberries and feta cheese yum!!

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Love your blog post about journaling

    I think yes, it could be creative types procrastinate more than say, engineers do.

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Helen,
      Parsley is my got to green vitamin source, amazing leafy things.


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