27 March 2013

Writing: Perils of Procrastination

Perils of Procrastination
 #1...No finished story = no sale = not published = no income
#2...Somebody else will write a story similar to yours that launches their career as a writer, not yours
Your muse changes his name, moves New York, partners with another writer, and becomes a super star

If you read about how to be a writer, then you know you must commit to discipline yourself to write everyday (except the Sabbath of your choice if you chose so).
Don't confuse procrastination with writer's block. There is a time for that story to progress, and a time for a story to rest. Feeling a block on one is a path opening up to another. 
Don't want to write at all? If you trained yourself well, then that will not happen.
Well, you might say...It does happen. Well, I say, That's not writer's block. That is you not wanting to write. There may be a variety of reasons. Don't dwell on the why. Bypass that issue, and write.

Writing can be as frustrating as typing directly into Blogspot because the program has a mind of its own creating code that makes what you see typing, not what is posted.

Make your decision to write or own that you don't want to write.
At this moment, I may be writing, but I have a deadline I committed to... as in tomorrow to finish a story.   

How do you break a bad habit of procrastination (or writer's block if you must)?

Say, yes to writing...and write.  


  1. Deadlines help me...I am not a writer...but I need a deadline to motivate me to do my art.

    1. Hello Dee,
      Deadlines can be motivators.

  2. Good luck with your writing!


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