12 March 2013

Texture Background: Dot Primed Gesso

Follow up to yesterday's about Found Objects: Put a Hole in Junk Mail...here is an example of dots on gesso primed canvas for a textured background

Experiment before committing to a large canvas.
-Using a small remnant piece of cotton duck canvas, place plastic underneath, and the materials to the side.
-Cover the canvas with gesso first, and then place the dots at random or where you like
-Don't use your brush hand to spread the dots

Sprinkle them and then spread them with the brush or the end of a brush

Cover all or some of the dots

Ink might bleed over into the canvas from the dots. The example on the left is pink in some areas from a glossy pink envelope.

Progress Update, 14 March, Thursday...

Time to select fabric, notions, ribbons, appliques, and such. The vintage bright neon daisies are a perfect embellishment!

Several layers of glaze and sealer must be added to the surface before the sewing. Problem, leaving the edges free to allow for sewing. Solution: Painter's tape

The purse will be made of fabric with a buckram layer, zipper closure, and shoulder length handles. The canvas texture will be sewn to the fabric, and edge with trim at those seams.


  1. Maywyn this is something I must try. It looks like such fun. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day.

  2. HI Debbie,
    It is fun, but really messy. The gesso takes time to dry in damp weather. The odor isn't strong, but a bit of fan on will help it dry faster.
    Since the post, I've added glaze and color. If the results continue to make me happy, and after good sealing, then I can see it as a small purse.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to show how this is done. I love messy and will give it a try.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Give it a day to dry because of the thickness dots on dots creates.

  4. I like this texture too! Lots of possibilities. I have dots, but I also have tons of other shapes like leaves and stars. Hmm...I see lots of experiments. :-)


    1. Hello Nanina,
      Good luck with your experimenting

      I'm adding glitter before I seal the current experiment. The gesso gives the canvas a leathery feel after so many layers. I think I'll cut the piece in half to make two sides of a small purse. I need to bang is around a while to see how the dots behave.


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