06 March 2013

Segregation by Disassociation?

The blog strata I see ranges from professional (major companies and/or blogs as income), mid-professional (closer to local businesses), amateurs rising, hobby, and personal blogging. And then, blogs branch out into subjects such as politics, art, design, health, lifestyle, education, and such. If you read blogs that are close to current events, then the faces might be more diverse than than that of the art, fashion and design part of the blog world that I read. The type of blogs I read are chosen at random via Next feature or clicking on a blog's reading list. I see a lot of crafts, art, white, aqua, pink, blond, brunette, buntings, food, young dynamic women with amazing creativity, style and brains. I also see a noticeable lack of diversity people wise.
In other words...You have to create your own diverse blogging list. That is the way the blogging world is. There is a very low level of diversity on regular blogging at my level, the amateur rising/personal blog. I prefer diversity.
I was a teen during the Civil Rights era of the mid to late 1960s. I'm concerned there appears to be a trend towards segregation by disassociation that goes beyond the blogging world. In my heart and soul, I don't feel that is part of the dream Doctor Martin Luther King had in mind.


  1. LOVE this post, and what's going on here on the new blog. Can't comment on every post, but believe me, I've read through at least half of them already this morning (I had a pheasant fly down in front of me last summer, here in Vegas - landed right in the street and sat there...I figure it probably belonged to someone as a bird they were raising, as it's not a common occurence here). Wishing you a wonderfully creative day - I don't follow "lightly" either, but added myself to your list. Diggin' the milk bottle rings, too...Happy Wednesday - Tanya

    1. Thank you Tanya, I appreciate your comments
      I'd hope to see a road runner in Vegas. lol

      If you have any ideas what to do with those plastic rings, then please let me know. Jewelry feels like the next step.I love the things you make.

  2. Dear Maywyn - when I started out blogging I visited blogs that were mostly artists but have certainly branched out as well. There are so many interesting blogs out there and yours is one of them my dear. Have a great day.

  3. Debbie,
    Your blog has a unique and friendly atmosphere. Its always a pleasure to read you blog.


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