04 March 2013

Project Planning

Searching the Internet for help organizing a project can turn up interesting links.
-How to organize a project...nah
-SBA Small Business Administration...for links
-Project planning...ah...Project Planning on Wikipedia!, first sentence gives me a headache but, I read it anyway...(I use to [almost] talk like that).
-Google search... project planning images...aha!...visuals...note...make a chart that can be easily seen next to the schedule
-Interesting tidbit...scrolling down the entire page of Google images search for: project planning...there is only one human being photo...back view of a seated man looking at a computer screen. All the rest are charts and such. Clearly, written visuals are key to project planning.

In the beginning of a project the excitement can burn out the enthusiasm. Having a clear and easy schedule and visual project plan can reduce wasted time and energy lost.
Thus, today's project will be drawing (colors, shapes, etc.) project plans for art, poetry, writing, watching TV, exercising and so on. I wonder what one will look like for doing laundry.

If you created a project plan, then what would it look like? A graph? Pictures? A list?

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