18 March 2013

Monday and Week-end Leftovers

A sewer looking for fabric is like a kid rummaging through a reorganized (by Mom) toy box...there's always goodies to re-discover as well as distract you.

This past week-end while searching for fabric to finish a purse, and create a ruffle for another, I found a bag of old linens, table scarves, doilies and such. I somehow ended up cutting one up to use for tee shirt make-overs.

The original bureau scarf has stains and tears with embroidery that's in good shape. Other parts are saved for a pillow, summer night dress, window valance or child's dress. If you back the flowers in the centers, then they can also be cut away.

Vintage edging crocheted into the fabric
I save crochet edging being careful where to cut. Vintage edging can be crocheted right into the fabric. If you're unsure, then back the edging with seam tape, then cut it away from the fabric.


  1. Maywyn - what a great idea to use for tee shirts. Hope you will show Walden Pond when it is finished. How is spring doing your way...here not so good...colder than usual this entire month of Mar. Take care and have a great week.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Cold here as well. The ice is evaporating more than melting. Snow is in the forecast.
    A great art filled week to you


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