06 March 2013

Found Objects: Bottle & Jar Rings

Found objects don't grow on trees or fall to Earth out of the blue. They have to be saved someplace by someone. Then why not you?

Milk Ring Collection 2013

On the left are the milk rings found just under the milk bottle cap that I've been saving for over three years +/-. The first section has been rolled in acrylic color. Not warming up to that process, I leave the next section bare of paint.
The orange and blue majority are plastic milk bottle rings. The larger white and yellow are from jars.
They are saved on a piece of rug yarn (studier than knitting yarn), with a bamboo skewer halved and tied into an X for the bottom.  At the top serving as a hanger is a small extract bottle plastic ring.

The close up on the right shows an interesting abstract model. Several have removed and added to a media painting (in my personal collection). For now, I like their sculptural form hanging on the wall.

Readers may remember the found objects post about preparing tin can lids.


  1. Maywyn these are glorious colors. Now that is thinking out of the box or rings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Debbie,
    If I had your cute puppy, then I'd have to hand the plastic rings a lot higher.

  3. Loved your quote on the found objects, how true!
    This is fascinating to look at and I enjoyed your put of the box creative thinking.It must have been a gratifying creative moment!

    1. Welcome Padmaja
      Thank you for the comments
      I like the style of your paintings. Glad I found you blog via the blog world


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