11 March 2013

Found Objects: Put a Hole in Junk Mail

Hole puncher
Paper from junk mail
Time to relax
2 Containers

*Cut out clear of writing pieces of junk mail
Make dots and holey paper using hole puncher
Keep dots and punched paper in separate containers
Use for art projects such as...
Gesso primed dots on canvas background
Punched paper stencil
Scrapbook page embellishment

*I don't recommend confetti because the paper content might not all be biodegradable and/or have chemicals dangerous to humans and pets.


  1. I like the idea of gesso primed dots...I would never have thought of that. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Dee,
    You appear to have a creative mind to think of lots. Time and place separates the discoveries.
    Rainy day here is perfect to try the gesso dot background.
    I'll post the results later today.


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