06 February 2013

Wednesday Already?

A sense of days going by faster is easy in such a short month as February. Those warps in time like being on the computer feels like five minutes when in reality its been almost an hour can work for you. How can you use those time warps to your favor? Here are a few examples that have helped me.

~ Have a dental, doctor, or other appointment you're nervous about?
Focus on the happiness you'll feel when the session is finished, and you are on your way home or better yet, at home relaxing with a nice treat for yourself.

~ Have a busy schedule you are stressing over because there isn't enough time in the day?
Get up early. That's right, add more time in your day. Rising an hour or more earlier than usual, and, getting right down to tasks, can make the day feel longer as well as create time to finish tasks and more.

~ Have a worry that won't relax pinching at your every waking moment?
Meditate either by the quiet with eyes close clear your mind type or pick up a picture book with soothing images, find a web site you like to read, listen to music, or engage in an Internet search for a subject that interests you. Chose that one thing, and let yourself go to spend a few moments enjoying the view.  I find looking at houses for sale in an area I might want to move to is relaxing. Whatever you select, keep bookmarks for future use.

~ Anxiety for the arrival of Spring feel like a snowball that gets larger and larger?
Explore what February has to offer in your community and surrounding area. Lectures, art shows, movies, plays, or other community events out and abouting can be like a breath of fresh air.
Don't let winter fence you in...Branch out and have fun

What if your area doesn't have a lot of places or events to attend? Create your own.
For example, look up quirky holidays for February and plan a meal, outing or party.

I like umbrellas. So I celebrate February 10th, Umbrella Day. Did you know the umbrella is four thousands years old?

Explore your possibilities


  1. A lovely post! Enjoy the beauty that is only seen and felt during the winter months, and only in certain parts of the world. Sometimes we take it for granted, don't we?

  2. Hello Katherine,

    Thank you for the wonderful comments

    This part of the world...I'd like to be in the south of France exploring that part. lol

  3. Dear Maywyn - Love the idea of you checking out places where you would like to live. France does sound interesting. Thanks for all the great tips for those moments of anxiety too - who doesn't experience them. Have a wonderful week-end my friend.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Looks like you get the snow before we do. So far its dry here. Stay warm


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